Vampiric Cocktails? Horrific good fun!

Having a seasonal Halloween party this weekend or next? Myself and the bunch of friendly ghosts who haunt my flat shall be indulging in an evening of celebration once darkness falls on the 31st, therefore this weekend shall be spent investigating spooky food and drink ideas. The first fabulous find has been this gore-riffic blood-rimmed serving idea for spooky cocktails! Made by forming a syrup from sugar, water and food colouring, before allowing it to drip and harden into a gruesome glass garnish. Find out the where/why/who here at the Hostess With The Mostest blog.

Stuck for ideas on what to fill them with? What about some Zombie Gut Punch? A Pina Ghoulada, a Black Widow Martini, a sweet and deadly Love at First Bite, or a Ghostbuster – complete with floating, Irish cream “ghost”. Add some Brew-Ha-Ha Punch for the designated drivers and kiddiewinkles, and you’re good to go.

Stay tuned for more Halloween finds coming soon…

One thought on “Vampiric Cocktails? Horrific good fun!

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